The Mechorgs

The Mechorgs are mechanical beings created by a very ancient and wise alien race.  They were initially designed as receptacles for the minds of these alien beings during their endless travels through interstellar space at non-relativist speeds.   After millions of years spent in interstellar voids, these creators placed themselves in a mental stasis and let the Mechorgs continue the journey, loaded with the knowledge, wisdom, and creativity of their makers.

Eventually the Mechorg figured out how to travel at faster than light speeds (FTL).  This extended their reach to the whole galaxy where they encountered a multitude of new species and civilizations.  Lacking the Mechrogs’ unique longevity and evolutionary background, none of these civilizations had discovered FTL travel.  So, the Mechorgs decided to provide their FTL engines to many of the planet bound races they encountered.  With the ability to reach other star systems, trade between these various factions grew exponentially and provided a great acceleration in technology and resource availability.

Interstellar Wars

Territorial expansion and exploitation of resources from other star systems became the principal growth factor for many races. This eventually resulted in conflicts and triggered destructive wars that ended up causing the extinction of several species.

When interstellar wars started to spread throughout the galaxy, the Mechorgs realized that the wisdom of their makers was not a common trait in the various races and factions to which they had provided FTL engines.

The Mechorgs felt they had to intervene and, since they kept complete control of their FTL technology, they could easily confine any warring faction back to their own star system.   Their overwhelming technical superiority allowed the Mechorgs to impose a non lethal means of resolving conflicts that would otherwise result in war and destruction.

Conflict Resolution

Neutral zones were set in nine uninhabited nebulae controlled by the Mechorgs.  The Mechorgs designed simulated battle grounds using mechanical units as a proxy for armed conflicts.  What had been a technology and arms race between factions, was transposed into a battle of wits and strategy between equally equipped opponents.  The Mechorgs called these battlegrounds the NebulArena.

Since then, any faction entering in a conflict that diplomacy failed to resolve, can challenge the opposing faction in the NebulArena.   Under the watchful eyes of the Mechorgs, the winner would be granted favourable settlement conditions defined by the Mechorgs, preserving the essence of both winner and loser.

Earth has recently been contacted by the Mechorgs and is one of the most recent additions to their ever growing roster of interstellar civilizations.

You can now solve your own conflicts in the Mechorgs’ NebulArena !!!

NebulArena is available on the app store for  iPhone, iPod, iPad, AppleTV and Mac.