Simple rules, complex strategies

Nowadays strategy games tend to create a sense of depth by using numerous or complex rules and random events in an attempt to make gameplay less predictable (especially for the AI).   NebulArena takes the opposite approach with no more than 4 unit types per battle mode and very simple rules that you can learn in mere minutes.

Despite their apparent simplicity, NebulArena battles can quickly become very intricate and challenging  because of the combinations and variations that you can achieve with the four basic units.    Much like a Chess game (which actually has more complex rules), after the first few moves, a realm of possibilities opens up making each game more involved and truly interesting.

The 6 Alien Intelligences (AIs) that you can play against will offer increasing levels of difficulty which will rival that of real players.  You will find that they are more than simple automatons and can actually play the game intelligently (except maybe Marvin who spends most of his CPU time complaining).

We are curious to know your views on the benefits of minimizing the number and complexity of game rules to promote a deeper strategic reflection based on move combination tactics.  Feel free to leave comments on this post to share your ideas.

NebulArena is available on the app store for  iPhone, iPod, iPad, AppleTV and Mac.



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