Version 1.0.2

NebulArena 1.0.2 is now available on the app stores.

Here are some of the changes that were made.

Hard Shell and Atchtoho have taken a beating lately and went on special training to improve their skills.   You will find them more challenging than ever.

The game center and tournament placeholders have both received new icons that better convey their nature.

The Arena Master now uses blue units for challenges.

The tournament’s opponent seeker has found shorter¬†spacial routes and will spend less time finding a worthy opponent for you to battle.

Tournament progress will now be presented at the end of each battle to make it easier to¬†see how many points you’ve gained or lost.

High level tournament battles (level 15+) will now be player in “expert mode”. ¬†In that mode, available moves, life bars and warning messages will not be displayed. ¬†Players at that level are expected to be familiar enough with the game that they no longer need this visual assistance.

When creating a new local player, the Arena Master will suggest a fantasy name for you so you.

The challenge master has also gained some proficiency in solving custom made challenges and will find solutions faster in most challenge types, when success is possible.


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