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Q: Where can I get NebulArena ?

A: It is available on the app store for  iPhone, iPod, iPad, AppleTV and Mac.  The iOS and AppleTV versions are bundled (buy one, get the other for free).  There is also a free “teaser” version for iOS here : NebulArena Free


Q: How much time does a NebulArena battle take ?

A: It depends on the battle mode and on the relative proficiency of your opponent.   Assimilation battles are the quickest and usually take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes because they essentially have a finite number of moves.   Elimination and Strata:Gem battles can go almost indefinitely but tend to complete in 10 to 30 minutes.  Of course you can take as much time as you want to play (except in tournaments) so these numbers may vary.


Q: The AI is too strong, I can’t seem to win.  What am I doing wrong ?

A: We will soon add a strategy guide to this site.  In the mean time, you can have two AIs play against each other and observe their moves.  You may find counter-moves to some of their more annoying tactics by looking at how they respond to each other.  In most cases, it is a matter of predicting the possible outcome of 2 or more moves ahead.

Note that the Aliens use an unfair morale sapping tactic agains humans.  You can silence the AI banter in the settings page if it gets on your nerves and hinders your game.


Q: I never got to do my “strategic unit positioning” on some of the Elimination arenas, what gives ?

A: Only arena layouts that have factions zones allow for a “unit placement” phase.  You can preview the arenas to see which ones have faction zones and which ones don’t.


Q: I created a custom arena layout using the editor.  How can I share it with a friend ?

A: There are two ways you can share a custom arena layout.  1) use the “Share” button while in the editor to send it by eMail.   2) Connect remotely to your friend in the game (through the game center or local network) and propose a battle using your custom layout.

When sending a custom arena in an eMail, the hyperlink will start the application and load the layout on your friend’s device (the link must be used on the device that has the application).  Note that these hyperlinks can be copied and sent by other means or placed on web pages.


Q: I have the application on multiple devices, including a Mac, how can I keep them synchronized with players, arenas, games and statistics ?

A:  If you have an iCloud account and activate it on all your devices, NebulArena will keep everything in sync for you.  You may need to activate iCloud drive on some of the devices.  Your current selection of opponents and arena are kept on each device (not on iCloud) so that multiple devices on the same iCloud account can be used concurrently without interfering with each other.


Q: Can I play against people with a different device type on the Game Center ?

A: NebulArena is a single community on the Game Center.  Players on any device type (iPhone, AppleTV, Mac, iPad, iPod) can all play against each other.